Wednesday, February 25, 2015

How to DIY Simple Wedding Centerpieces Easy to Make Ideas

Are you looking for unique wedding centerpiece ideas? The creative DIY wedding centerpieces can add to your wedding decoration and let your guests dine in style in your wedding reception.

Here are popular ideas for Mason jar centerpieces, glitter centerpieces, floating flower centerpieces, water centerpieces, and hydrangea centerpieces.

Mason jar centerpieces
Mason jars are hugely popular right now providing infinite possibilities to DIY projects. Whether you are planning a real wedding or dreaming of your wedding, you can be inspired from these gorgeous Mason jar centerpiece ideas.

Glitter centerpieces
Glitter centerpieces provide exciting embellishments for table and event decoration on your wedding reception. A whole lot of glitter, you are sure to be inspired by the ideas.

Floating flower centerpieces
If you’re looking for a beautiful, modern centerpiece that is easy on the wallet and is can be done yourself these submerged flower centerpieces are for you! Submerged flower centerpieces have been all the rage the past year.

Beach wedding centerpieces
A beach is one of the most desirable and romantic wedding venues. Keep it simple with DIY decorating for your beach themed wedding. Find something really unique and unusual for a table centerpiece on your beach themed wedding.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Plan Your Elegant Spring Wedding 2015 by Yourself

Instead of hiring a wedding planner to arrange your wedding, use your own imagination to personalize your one-of-a-kind wedding party. There are so many ideas for your wedding, such as vintage wedding dresses, lace wedding invitations. According to your own budget to have wonderful and memorable wedding will be a great and unforgettable experience.
1. Invitations.
Instead of limiting to the conservative engraved variety, consider all your invitation options. You can find out all the trending wedding invitation styles and colors in the next six months, such as vintage blue, folded orange for October wedding. Frankly, simple is better for all. You can do it yourself under the idea from etsy, and print it yourself.
Here are some gorgeous wedding invitation ideas:
lassic lace rustic wedding invitations
rustic lace wedding invitations
Rustic  Lace Wedding Invitation Suite
classic lace wedding invitation
Vintage Lace Wedding Invites
vintage luxury folded lace wedding invites

2. Music
Pick a song that is really meaning to you. Such as "Love Will Keep Us Together" by the Captain & Tennille.
top 10 Songs For Wedding Day

3. Restaurant and food
IF you don’t have an ideal place for your wedding reception, just call on your favorite restaurant and see if they can provide the wedding goodies. And it doesn't have to be a dinner. An early wedding brunch after a sunrise ceremony or an intimate supper following a late afternoon wedding will be more glamorous than the usual reception.
delicious wedding sugars
weddding tasty drinks straws
tasty delicious wedding fruit drinks
classic Wedding cheese
tasty delicious wedding reception food

4. Dessert for Celebration
Wedding cake is the traditional bridal delight. You can bake the cake and pie yourself, and buy the candies from your favorite store. All the food can be arranged by your own choice.
rustic Wedding Desserts macarons
classic wedd dessert mini cupcakes
wedding dessert starbeery with whipped cream
classic autumn winter wedding dessert ideas

5. Theme
If you have some dream theme, it is a perfect opportunity to incorporate your personalities and passions into your special day. If you have always dreamed of royalty for a day, plan a formal wedding. Alternatively, maybe you prefer a different country side or beach wedding.
rustic brown Blush and Gold Wedding Theme
grey and gold autumn winter Wedding Theme Ideas
autumnn wedding tips and factors to consider wedding theme

6. Photos
There are hundreds of thousands of wedding photo pose ideas on line, pick your favorite ones, and make them true on your wedding day.


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